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Should Faith Blind You

by John Tzikas on album Lazy Saturday
released 2019-01-18 00:29:00
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2019-01-17 16:36:52.863947

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Should Faith Blind You




You are the branch


I am the vine


under enormous pressure


To rise once more


And take a bite


From  temptation’s fruit




Don't let beliefs untrue


Poison you


Are you inclined to


Scrap everything we've


Done and start from scratch


Should faith blind you




Did you come into


This world kicking


And screaming, are you


Doing all you can


To create a safe haven


For loving and dreaming




Should faith blind you


My heart will open wider


To lead you out of the night


My eyes will dilate


To warn you of


The dangers that await




One peach ,2 plums, 3 pears


In a picnic basket you


Packed with  utmost care


Scavenger birds ate our remains,


The healer’s tent was no match


For the rain


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