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Skorokoro(Prod by Dhee Beatze) by Dope Squad on album Tsoha o iketsetse EP
released 2019

2019-05-19 00:49:02.873982

Dope Squad aria-labelledby pointing to element with

Skorokoro hit makers from Dewetsdorp. Currently working on their first EP titled'Tsoha O Iketsetse EP'.


🎼Dope Squad - Skorokoro Lyrics 🎼


Haiii wena Push !!

Pusha !!



Haii Wena Push (Skorokoro !!)

Pusha (Pusha Skorokoro !!)


Verse 1:Young Fliber

Fliber ... Yeah !!


I roll a blunt


Then I'll tell you 'bout the number of my life

All this sh!t is like a lie

Cos we had to suffer for ages to be so fine

I'm the shooting star now i gotta shine though

I tell 'em I'm the sh!t really ngiyay'shaya ndonda

Niggas pushing Skorokoro sa Mafikizolo

Maybe long, maybe shot nigga tlama zolo

We are high in the game sheba ba re loya

Now our lives is a success banomona

Sphusha i'passion now they wanna jeopardize

Got a mic I don't need a gun

Cos i see this is a battle on the other side check...

Hamba nge vura, s'phusha I'skorokoro hustling for the moolar 

I'm on my wave now niggas hoping imma drown

They trynna block my way of making my momma proud

Haiii Wena_Push!!!

But except for that

We living forever I'm kind of celeb

'What type of celeb'_?

Wa khanda forever

Banyana sondela

Vulani amasango thina singene


Jwale re sele

Ra ba bona re ba tsaya ja ka thwele

We jumping the stars_they not on the celling

We now making killings 

They sounding like victims !




Verse 2:Cmax

It's Cmax !!

"I'm the best"_ You talking 'bout who ?

You know I'm the realist nigga in the hood

Told you that i came here witha juice

And i got your baby mama in the mood

Skorokoro, all i ever do is push

I go and get them now you know they say you snooze you lose

Ngizo figa nge skhathi sami uyaz ngi'drive i'skorokoro

Begha mina I got no worries as long as I'm on the road

Young Fliber, Tee Wolf ain't no fucking wimma bros

Bit-*es calling on my phone

Tell 'em that i Touch and Go

Got skill, Got dope flows

You ain't on my level nigga no-no

I always step on the gas when a p-*sss nigga say i gotta go slow

Imma always tell you this tick-tock-tick-tock man I'm gon blow

I told these niggas that I'm lyrically high now they outchea smoking zolo, Aye !

Phusha-phusha-phusha Skorokoro, ke etse zaka ke kwale dikoloto

I told them that they gotta Pay Me Respect Manje se bambiz u'Solomon

I'm not a 68, ain't chicken angithi uyay'bamba le-nombolo

Shoutout to my nigga Tee'Owh when you keep it focused this is how it goes



Verse 3:Tee Wolf


Man my journey is so long

But I ain't gotta fly to reach

To my destiny

Phusha skorokoro

Till I accomplish

Man no matter how long 

It takes

I'm always praying for better days

Mama said

"work hard boy it gon pay"

My friends said I should

stick on the pace

My bars are stored in 

A gas chamber

I put alot of work

Now they STIFLE

This time around

 I'm bigger and bolder

better than ever

Imma do this now and forever

Let our lil light shine bright

Cause vele vele 

we're shooting stars

Bheka manje 

We are half way up

When they really

 said we couldn't

I keep on proving them wrong

Cos they handle things with their left hand side

Now its time

They do things right

They are too dull

And our future so bright

Yow boy never lose hope

At the end We gon see the light


Dw'town we the icon

They really trynna reach us

 where we on






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Tsoha o iketsetse EP Upload Your Music Free

Tsoha o iketsetse EP

by Dope Squad released 2019
Tsoha O Iketsetse EP Upload Your Music Free

Tsoha O Iketsetse EP

by Dope Squad released 2019

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