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Slow Moving Coup

by John Tzikas on album Point Well Taken
released 2019

2019-05-24 14:31:46.076543



Slow Moving Coup




Lucid moments for elusive


Butterflies, you want to


Be difference makers


And so do I, believe


Me, so do I




Where is this rough stretch of


Road taking you, when will


It end, I don't know my friends


We can't see eye to eye


We can't see eye to eye




Slow moving coup


Earth shaking around you


I can't control my brain


The inability to change,


Will entrench me in the past


Without an exit lane




Now look at us today


Apologizing for  all  the rain


The air, the clouds that hide a better view


Unaware that storms of discontent brew


Whenever people walk 2 by 2


Is that fast enough for you


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