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Spiritual Disease(Just Passing Through)

by Tone Deaf Poet on album Forbidden Country
released 2018

2018-09-09 09:27:15.459380



Spiritual Disease(Just Passing Through)




Just passing through, don't want


anything from you, just passing


through, judge not who I am, but all that I do




 you have this intense burning inside, I'm a rubber fire too


the more I bounce around, the more bs I down


 its easy to anger, with every feeling I express


 l love they who repress




look out, there are times I'm aloof, a bit of a goof


when my shot glass wasn't idiot proof  I took


 a profession of faith, until the spiritual disease


spread, mouth to  mouth  and hoof to hoof




 just passing through, over and over, reliving this


moment in my head, just passing through


  wherever the winding streets led




 you lose the power to heal, when fools question


 the fake and the real, the humble servant hailed


 a cab, before they stabbed his heart full of lofty ideals




Just passing through, I’ve had my fun


one Sunday I soften, one Sunday I harden,


 no quarter taken, for debt left unpardoned


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