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Stranger In A Strange Land

by john Tzikas on album Shed A Little Light
released 2019-05-01 23:31:00

2019-05-01 15:40:23.385978



Stranger In A Strange Land




stranger in a strange land


latching onto another


dangerous but influential man


who will get the upper hand




He sounded bright quoting poems


about tigers in the forests of the night


she couldn’t tell Oscar from Blake


He was only as good as his last mistake




Stranger in a strange land


wanted more than her


ancestors had lots and lots of


Moola to pay for the latest fads




the Me too movement


Made pussy grabbers nervous


The old boys network


wont be getting rave reviews


for their years of service




Stranger in a strange land


Dont expect anyone in Washington


To drain the swamp


The president urges men


to get their freak on


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