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Stress Junkie

by Tone Deaf Poet on album Forbidden Country
released 2018-09-09 00:15:00
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2018-09-08 16:21:31.577921

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Stress Junkie See you on your better days there’s an expression I’d like to change stress junkie (put a smile on your face) Meet you by the fire escape open up the door of fate (wait) there’s a lock I’d like to pick Every prison window needs a brick I’m too old for this schtick Stress junkie get that problem licked Stress junkie you’re making me sick I bend but I never break rooms of heartache fill until The lonesome saps vacate this place (looks like I’m not so late) just when things we’re going my way The chess master yelled check and mate There are chances for rebirth wherever You choose to stay, do you know a swank location To park the car on our first Date, is ecstasy on everybody’s plate ( but how much more can one man take (Hurry up we’ll miss our flight my bags are packed (I may not) ever make it back Shut the window, kill the lights Stress junkie at peace With the perpetual night
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