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by R47 on album Supernova
released 2018
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2018-12-06 00:04:21.130514

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Tune into this New Wave of Hip-Hop.

This galaxy themed song will have you on a trip to a place in your own mind.

you might have to experience more than once 


yah it's getting bright
yah it's getting bright

I'm abouta explode
I'm abouta explode  (2x)

Like TNT no Dynamite
my soul ignites 
when I'm dolomite 
if I hit it thrice 
that shit is mine

yah that shit is mine
I could step up in the Game
with like 1 Foot
bet they'll never think again
when I'm understood 
I'm a different type

not the same breed 
this uh different vibe 
let the song breath 

man I'm outer space.. 

sitting inside an abyss.. 

cover both eyes when I'm stressed 

you ain't got nothing else left 

man I got something still here 
I been waiting for this moment 
like tuh relish as a poet 
is there anything I owe em   


I deeply apologize 
for every apostatize 
they changing your bottom line
religion belief's 
they crooked they thief's
already appease 
I need me uh piece 
tuh put me tuh sleep

yah it's getting bright
yah it's getting bright

I'm abouta explode
I'm abouta explode  (2x) 

2nd Verse: 
nobody home 
yah we Ina dome 
they uh fraction of my passion 

what's left to find
stay open mind 
like your love for life

this is different than my past shit 
not passed 
I'm just passing

Hugo strange

when I'm doing my thang
you act foolish with the grain
cutting close with the range
im rambo with the clips 
you get tucked where you hang
watch em rock like uh Chain
hot box ona plane  

how's that for the sane 
putting crosses on my bullets 
now they really needa vest 
cause these scriptures 
will rip through your whole chest 
what's next 
stop playing with em 
driven by my purpose
I can hang with em 
you ain't top dawg 
you get slain quicker
man I'm bouta pop off 
like pop rocks
im determined for the name niqqa

just know we aint the same niqqa

Didnt know you was a Fake niqqa

You get put to the side.. 

like uh lame niqqa

now you really thinking that you aim niqqa?..

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