Ki-Mani - Tear Dat A** Up (T.D.A.U.) explict

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Published on 2016-02-07 18:58:30
Album The Coming
Genre Hip-Hop/Rap
Released 2015
One listen to Ki-mani’s most recent effort and you’ll know that this he is an artist with that special something that comes along only once in a while… Representing the perfect balance of rough and smooth, this emerging young talent is staking his claim on an R teaming with producer Tony Hemmings (formerly of Darkchild Productions) and several other hot young producers. His debut features love, life, sex, and of course a few “club bangers”; demonstrating the many different sides of Ki-Mani. Stand out singles “Glass” and “All Thee Above” have already gotten international buzz, but add in “T.D.A.U.” and “Tonight” and you know there is definitely more to come! Check out his new single “T.D.A.U” and you will instantly become a fan! Follow Me @KimaniMusic
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