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Nonsoofficial - TEMIDAYO

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Published on 2019-03-11 06:59:39.679211
Album Leo silvà
Genre Singer/Songwriter
Released 2019

It's not your ordinary love song, it's a song that explains the stupid things we do because of love even after being hurt.



One day! One day 

Bedibeng bedibeng beng


Carry all your money, SALARY!(nonso o)

Carry all the way to Miami, su mo mi jeka lo jekalo baby o

Verse 1:

One day one day, I met a damsel, I tell am say she fine and I no dey lie seh Aa! You remind me,the love I'm feeling you remind meeee!

Girl if you me na taboo

Thunder self go fire you

When you fall I go catch you,I still dey for you.


Girl you know say I go dey there for you(I go dey there o)

Girl you know say my love for you is true.

I love you die,I do ye

I go dey there for you u o.

Girl you know say I go dey there for you u o

Girl you know say na to die here for you u o

Girl you know say my love for you is true 

I go wrestle for you

Royal rumble for you o


Temidayo carry my money,she carry am


Now you know say I love you die ,e no go expire e ye!

Temidayo carry my love,she put am for kpoto kpoto ,

now I know say upon say dem try dem no fit put asunder e ye.


Temi say, me I no like talk o

After she stab me in the back omo see blood o

That girl she a bad girl,omo na mad girl with a fine fair ah girl

Omoge Maria (maria) 

I go like marry am(marry am) taboo, that girl na taboo eh ye




Gbe titi gbe gbe gbe titi(nonso ooo)

Somebody please push me, I want to fall in love eh ye.

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iLaughiCryiDie 2019-03-12 06:08:21.716567
Beautiful song ❤️❣️😍