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The Love In Your Eyes

by Tone Deaf Poet on album Razzle Dazzle
released 2018-10-13 04:37:00


2018-10-12 20:46:03.129429



The Love In Your Eyes






Some days you need to cut your losses


Grab your jacket and put down your


Crosses, each of us has a better


Story to tell, there's a brighter outcome


For us as well








How will we answer the bell


Do you know where you're going


Are  gale-force winds propelling your sails


I finally learned from my epic fails


The love in your eyes


Saved me from falling off the rails




Have you heard about the games hearts


Play, bitter opponents say its a tug of


War, you exhaust all your energy working


Your way to the middle, are you one of the lucky few,


 in a good position, to solve the next riddle




Repeat chorus




Did you get too drunk with r dignity too see


The necessity of pulling in the same direction.


Many blurry dots here require a strong connection,


 get on the right page,


But don't expect 100% perfection




Every morning I awake


The love in your eyes


Dawns on my face


Every night I lay myself


Down, the love in your


Eyes, prevented total darkness


From becoming profound




I was once a man who wouldnt take


Unsolicited advice,a mysterious man


Who  refused to make make


Nice , now the love in


Your eyes leads me to


A quieter place, where the hunter


And the hunted, give up the chase




How will you take advantage


Of limited time


And finite space


Gather around




Of the faith










































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