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Liz Sumner - The Queen Of Ipanema

Published Feb. 15, 2021
Genre: Jazz
Album: A Little Time
released: 2020



The Queen of Ipanema


She wakes, the sun bakes, it’s time for her walk in the sand

Hair long, tight thong, body so perfectly tanned

But oh, they try to be cool

Those heart-broken fools

Who just about drool when she glides on by

And oh, they wink and they stare

As if she’d ever care for mortals like these

Who swarm like worker bees around the Queen of Ipanema


In dark shades she wades out in the aquamarine

An object so perfect, like an ad in a slick magazine

But oh, those men on the shore

Think she needs amour

But she is so bored with all their fantasies

And oh, that look in their eye

As if they’ll start to cry if she doesn’t smile

When vainly they try to beguile the lovely Queen of Ipanema


Gracious, curvaceous, she knows she’s a gift to the world

What she’s wearing is daring, even for such a brave Rio girl

But oh, it’s the same every day

In this beachy ballet, every step of the way’s calculated

And oh, every toss of her hair

Every glance, every glare must be carefully done

To make sure that everyone loves the Queen of Ipanema


But oh, back in ‘63

In these sands by this sea

Swaying gently comes a different girl

And oh, one man’s love was so strong

That he wrote a song to show his esteem

Antonio Carlos Jobim loved the Queen of Ipanema

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Chino's Sphere Feb. 23, 2021
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The Queen Of Ipanema


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