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The Sun Inside of You

by AnastasiA on album Book of Day
released 2016
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Everyone has a little sunlight inside. Even if it's hidden


I can see the pain inside your eyes
I know there have been so many lies
Feels like something's died within
You can't try to hope again
I still see you sleeping there inside

They say life is not
Just a fairy tale
There's no magic
It's all tragic

But I saw in you
Something very true
It's not over

Life began with starlight in your eyes
At the end it's left us asking why
There are secrets we forget
We are more than they have said
I still see the sun inside of you

There's someone with sunlight in his eyes
There's still someone who can never die
He was dead but lives again
Now he's holding out his hand
He will make the sun within you rise

Keep on shining
He keeps on shining
Just let the sunlight keep on shining in

Let the light in
And then you'll find it all
You'll be shining, you can find it

If you hope it's true
It's still there for you
You'll be shining, you can find it

Dreams can still be true
Let him smile on you
Keep on shining, keep on shining

I have seen the sun inside your eyes
Life has tried to teach you all these lies
There is still a radiant friend
Let it all begin again
He can make the sun within you rise
Let it rise

I can see the sun inside of you

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