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The Woman's All I Got

by Tone Deaf Poet(AKA John "Yanni" Tzikas) on album My Clear Conscience
released 2018-09-29 23:04:00

2018-09-29 15:13:00.458847



The Woman’s All I Got




The rolls with the thunder


rolls with the morning rain


Rolls her eyes with the best of them


Most of all she rolls without complaint






Hey if  you see her, you would like her


she may be that familiar


her elegance is all the stir


Before she entered my life, my faith didn’t exist


Today my belief’s are firm




But if your paths cross


don’t toss her like dice


and wait for your numbers to come up


don’t get crazy thoughts


this woman’s all I got




won’t take kindly to a sweet-talker


She’ll give the what for


you’ll never drive her to distraction


I’m the man of action she adores


Yeah, chump you’ll wish you


Fell through a trap door




She’s put many me in the place


her intellect is all the rage


Her tutelage has


Turned me into a self-proclaimed sage




But if your streets merge


don’t get urges to tap her like a deck


and wait until one of us is drawing dead


don’t get crazy thoughts


the woman’s all I got






all those with vanity mirrors


she’ll only give you the once over


until the fascination blows over


you’ll never take her oath


I’m the man without the knack


(to slack)


she’s handpicked to roll


(her wild oats)


A valuable lessen taught, the woman’s all I got


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