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JD Walker - Too Far From Heaven

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Published on 2016-02-20 02:55:47
Album Too Far From Heaven
Genre Country
Released 2016
Some popular recording artist have described this song as; Beautiful, Angelic, Happy and Sad all at the same time. Not many songs can make you feel that many different emotions.
Verse Summer dress, wild flowers in her hair We were both 23, didn’t have a care Young and in love, wild and free Like the smell of honeysuckle Drifting in the summer breeze Light as a feather, and high as a kite That’s the way you made me feel When you were by my side But when you passed away I came crashing down Like the leaves in the fall Straight to the ground Chorus I’m a little Too far From Heaven When I’m away from you Just a little Too far From Heaven And I don’t know what to do I tried praying I tried swearing But they just won’t do Cause I’m just Too far From Heaven When I’m away from you Verse A million stars, a million miles away They seem close enough to touch But like you they fade away In the blink of an eye With no reason or rhyme You were taken from me And God I don’t know why Repeat Chorus Bridge When I’m away from you
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