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Touch The Sky

by John Tzikas(AKA Tone Deaf Poet) on album My Cleaar Conscience
released 2018-10-05 02:40:00

2018-10-04 19:01:15.763502





Touch The Sky




I can’t tell you the secret to harmonious living


It must be volatile and classified, but a knowing


Smile is difficult to pacify, are you running


Around clueless all your life, has anybody told


You lately, your self image improves


The more you imagine you’re flying




You’re gonna touch the sky


You’re gonna touch the sky


I believed it too before


I became a moody guy




How much happiness can an earthling buy


Before the neighbors have a collective sigh


How many luxury cars can an earthling drive


Until terrible traffic kills the high




Attention aspiring astronauts


Crash landings increase your resilience


To survive, there’s never been a better


Time to  touch the sky




A frightened brain can’t think


Straight when you toss and turn


At night, experiencing your


Own dull version of a pillow fight


Self-confidence is fleeting


Am I right, am I right




Polite Society expects a lot from you


You need to zip it to keep your job


Until you slip through the cracks


You sob and sob, about constantly


Coming up dry




 You’re gonna touch the sky


You’re gonna touch the sky




You’re as real as it gets


Fully enlightened but mystified


Once old resentments are satisfied


Us  average folk


Know how to filter out the holy smoke


Being marginalized is no joke


There are inner fires, in desperate


Need of stoking




You’re gonna touch the sky


You’re gonna touch the sky


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