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Trust Me

by Olex Stephen on album Prod By:@Itzulmatesound
released 2019

2019-05-06 03:42:23.786808


You used to call but now you don’t call me anymore 

I used to be right before but now you taking me as wrong 

We used to text before now we don’t text anymore! Anymore!! 



I will like to show you my feelings but I’m lonely 

We are both wrong but we cannot say sorry

I truly love you baby and you know! You know 




But if you don’t love me 

How do you expect me to love you 

If you don’t care for me 

How do you expect me to care for you 

If you don’t trust, how do you expect me to trust 

If you don’t love me, how do you expect me to love you 


Verse 2 

I used to be the one you called when you having problem 

But now you don’t ever because you forgot all the gain 

You are the one at the fault but you gave me all the blame 

You know! You know!!



Am the good one but I think you changing me 

If I ever do you wrong that’s the new me 

When I was doing right you never cherish me 

You know! You know!!



Back to chorus..... 



Verse 3 



You used to talk about your ex that’s he is a fucking nigga 

But you still go to his house just to be together 

You are fraudster! You are a fraudster!! 


I don’t even care 

I don’t want to care 

Maybe you truly love me baby 

I just want it clear 

I just have your hands

Then I want no games 

You ain’t winning but you still playing games 

You know thaaaa ttt




Back to chorus again ❤️ 

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