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Published April 6, 2020
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Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Album: Mihmeek Millstonu
released: 2020

I am self taught rapper


When I was a child

I thought as a child 

I talked as a child

I fucked as a child

Now am the man

Man of all mankind

Call me the bosss

With em fucking triple ass nigga

Not em fat niggas 


Rick fuck Ross 


Damn he so B.I.G

Bigger than a mumby

Who said 

I cant do it

Maybe it was an angel 

Maybe it was a demon

Maybe x3

My nigga that shit is an opinion 

Tell me the fact that I rhyme so good

Nigun we in this Tryna get some food 

Cirocs on the table

Hennessies missing

Man that shit is nasty nasty

Nasty C 4 that February 

I'mma make it on January 

March niggas x2

When I wear Uzzi

They call me Uzzi man

Mr Uzzi Man

Enemy stop buzzing man

Ain't talking bout that jarman

Stunner keep rolling nigga don't stop

IT give me thoughts Nigun don't stop

She a hoe she say don't stop

Nigga whoa that a hoe x2

Hey Mr Gucci Mane

Blow on tummy mane

Flow on that mommy mane

Blow on That money mane

I flow like the water

I don't care u a hater

On Insta you a faker

You don't  matter 

Don't murder 

Bite the dust nigun

you won't last

Slow down zitlo u moving fast

His worth smells more that his bite

She a booth on its hoeman

I don't fuck it

I don't want it

She a black sheep on her fucken family 

shame on her fucking family

They better turn on a new leaf

Something they better leave

Am the born form the blue

I came out of the blue

Ghathi u mamam bekwi Avatar 

Get words for my family tree

I c dogs in the manger

Thats what bring my anger

My anger

Get by life get colder

This weather is getting colder

I'mma jus hold her

She told me I got her

She a bitxh I don't fuck her

She a hoe

No she said put it on my face

Nigun take it off Nigun

Take that Condon off

Or else you gonna be a stepfather

If you don't know x2

IT turn them bitches on

Damn she on

She my queen B

She call me honey

Whenever she horny

Then I put it on her puss

Pussy taste so good

Taste that pussy if is tasty 

B.A.D Hair

Work it

Cos she a devil

I don't fuq her level

She on another level

Woman first 

Isn't man first? 

Fuck it

We are dying

Lord wassup

Raplife waddup

G 12 I fucked up

P. L. K my pap

Telling Paul quit it

While niggas blow it

Puff no pass

All my niggas made it

Am left alone

To deal with this phones

Young nemo

Young Shepard 


Why me

A preacher's kid

A beam chaser

Mama said milly

Quit it

Said mama we need to leave it

Fake town

Fake friends 

New  city

New era















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Total comments 5
Xxrip_juice999xX June 7, 2020
Paul Billz RainMan May 13, 2020
Thank big Bro
Wilson Racheku May 13, 2020
Keep it up with the hustle
Paul Billz RainMan April 6, 2020
I rhyme so good

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