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Vanity (New Mix and Master)_01

by Davon Killebrew on album Killebrew's Law
released 2018
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2018-10-25 02:34:41.173117

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This is a song about my spiritual  background and my relationship to the Devine 


If u didn't know it the bloodline of David 

The day that I died I turn everything  scared  

Telepathic  government  Hebrew  is making it

when it comes to evil you know I m your favorite 

If u didn't know know I 've conquered insanity  

If you didn't know people can channel  me 

Sorcerers and witches  listen mathematically  

That what you get for testing  my vanity  ×2 repeat hook.  

1st verse

Im a God in the flesh

girl im not the only

Know i saved the world all by my lonely

I m just playing

know I did it with my mason homies 

And the eastern stars

no it was mason only

Know I got the grand sword for my opponents 

Tell the grand arch bend it over if u really want it

I m the living dead

so u know my place is haunted 

I'm so sacred

by now i should have my face on hundreds 

Im the force that turned the moon red

it's my sin that done it

Might as well tell the lamb to put the scroll in stomach

Everyone can get excited because Jesus coming 

But he d come here faster if as the earth we cleansed a woman

Repeat hook2×

2nd verse

I learned u can't please God at the same time please the people

All the energy in the universe I need you 

All I need u to do now is protect the sequel 

They the  holy grail and i know the severe is equal 

If u believe then in the end then Christ  uh lead you

Either that your he 'll send another being to meet you

My ankh drunk in love and she trying to thread  a needle 

When I died and and raised protected by Egyptian beetles 

That's a fate u should avoid just like the measles 

If u read your bible then the devil won't defend you 

You should try to free your mind and let heaven reach you

I m a royal light so I came to earth to teach you


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