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Watching The Watchers

by Tone Deaf Poet on album Overdrive
released 2018-08-26 22:24:00

2018-08-26 14:33:51.221700



Watching The Watchers




Nothing new here for your viewing pleasure,


 just opposite forces at work, rubber stamp precision


 is in an epic collision with euphoric visions,




 now don't go voicing your true opinions


,This much is blasphemy, this much is wasted


energy, you’ll become a sideshow attraction,


a strange curiosity ,the size of the bully club


 don't matter, can you feel the ferocity,




 who's watching the watchers,


 what do they see in me, a raw gangly lad


 that I used to be, grew up lean and


 hungry, to them feeding the world is a fad,


no wonder so many good men go bad




,everybody's on edge, getting paranoid, the feudal overlords


are sending in the androids to control the crowd,


 they’re just following orders to shut everything down,


what's a sunny day parade without a gas cloud,




 but what does your freedom mean to you today


 what kind of green can you afford to pay,


 are all your utopian rainbows oozing with passionate


 red, or they tattooing the rugged hills where patriots once bled




are you looking for solutions, to an age old problem,


or you watching the watchers instead, the gleeful gaze


is their way of telling you they’re already


 inside your head, you’re  an ideal host


if  the maggots raving about the delicious spread


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