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What Any Selfish Lover Wants

by John Tzikas on album Loosely Speaking
released 2018-11-22 00:25:00
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2018-11-21 16:33:26.645151

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What Any Selfish Lover Wants




I don’t want to play by the rules


I just want to be the loving fool


I don’t want to know your mind


I’m afraid of what  I’ll to find






I wasn’t trying to lead you on


My arms are strong my reach is long


Even men raised not to emote


Must put down the remote




So everybody sing along


Strum your guitars, bang your drums


Women dance and men adjust your pants


Disposable pop for the troubled masses


Rolling stones that erode as each day passes


Is this what any selfish lover wants




Bring your sexiest shoes, to walk on fire


I’m a man without a  go to song, rhythm and blues


Were written by the poets who aspired


To get down and dirty with the lower classes


Just what any selfish lover wants






Raise the stakes make your own breaks


Sleeping beauties can’t wait


To screw with you, it’s time for


A new sexual awakening




I don’t want to keep getting shcooled


Talk gender politics until I drool


I only want what any selfish lover wants


A house undivided and the warmth


A breath of fresh provides


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