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What Can I Do

by John Tzikas on album Point Well Taken
released 2019-05-22 22:52:00

2019-05-22 16:18:58.096230



What Can I Do






What can I do


That hasn't been done before


What can I do


When I doubt myself


This and all the other


nagging questions are hard to ignore




Where will be a year from now


I'm surging forward


Looking for answers


We all want more, with


No guarantee


Of second chances


What can I do


To stir such passions




What can I do


If I'm feeling frisky


If my timing is right


I'll drop by later


give you what


You've been waiting for


All  your life




Love like we haven't  experienced


In ages, a mutual adulation


With each passing day


What can I do


To keep your interest


In an original way
























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