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What's It Going To Be

by John Tzikas on album Lazy Saturday
released 2018-12-25 20:51:00
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2018-12-25 12:56:10.194669

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Tzikas 2018



What’s It Going to Be


I’m just another bright light on an otherwise dim Christmas tree


Never mind me, celebrate the fact


You’re still footloose and fancy free


What’s it going to be




Angry poets with machinegun pens


Live in close quarters like caged hens


high-tech prisons of their own making


And still


The foundations are collapsing


Confidence men with dirty minds


Aren’t worth all that belly-aching




Boys on the take


Girls on the make


Who have I forsaken lately


What’s It going to be






Would you prefer truth or fiction


Mixed in between these racy contradictions


Daddy’s little girl  is ay nasty addiction






Messing around with a crowd of haters


Cheap-skates who pass for double-daters


So numb inside they can no longer relate


To women who reside in kingdoms without gates




Why must you keep your young man waiting


The time lapses are devastating


What’s it going to be






Did you watch the game the other day


Players struggled to stay on their feet


Swayed to another man’s beat


What’s it going to be


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