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Which Way To Turn

by Tone Deaf Poet on album My Clear Conscience
released 2018-09-24 22:18:00
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Which Way to Turn




Oh my lord, oh my God


Show me which way to turn


Be my ears, be my eyes


There's a lot to learn




I've found what I was looking for


All the love and all the joys


So hard to obtain but you


Still don't know what lies


Behind every closing door




I can see the road ahead


Your wheels spin with


the sounds you dread


Does freedom mean


Better off dead, better off dead




Its the finality I've come to accept


In it's totality I will repay this


Long-standing debt, extend your


hands, tell me which way to turn


Tell me which way to turn, way to turn




This steep slope I climb


Isn't so slippery now


On the mountain of hope


I will take one big bow




Act like you've been there


Many times before, if


Someone gives you this


Truly amazing gift-horse


Say yes of course, yes of course




I will stare the beast in his big peepers


Ask him to wake the other sleepers


Wake up all you sleepers, how else


Will you cheat the reaper, the reaper






We're nearing wild country here


Don't bring your old world sorrows


After you survive the silent fires


And the violent storms could you


truly face up to the latest norms




The status quo made you the good soldier


You are, today's secular snobs, are


Much more than newly reformed






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