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Who Will Clean The Blood

by John Tzikas on album Lazy Saturday
released 2019-01-21 00:18:00
New Age
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2019-01-21 16:24:45.900560

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Who Will Clean The Blood




Bookshelf gathers dust


Relics like yourself


Are harder to trust




Knowing very well


Grown men don't compose haiku


Next  bullet's for you




Poets without guns


Singing violence solves nothing


Who will clean the blood




Dreary summer nights


The city streets after dark


Full of sinful frights




Litter all over


Drug syringes in the park


School guards bearing arms




Local council spews


The rumours of our demise


Are highly untrue




Housing situation


All modes of transportation


Beyond salvation




Best and brightest gone


Not a single tear to shed


0 empathy shown




Band-aid solutions


Taken to revamp the slum


Who will clean the blood








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