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Winter Classic

by Tone Deaf Poet on album Razzle Dazzle
released 2018-10-21 01:54:00
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2018-10-20 18:00:37.283412

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Winter Classic




Ever since I’ve known you


You’ve put up all kinds of fronts


When I get closer, I’m shunned,


So very stunned you’re chock full of


Anomalies and here are some of them




Happy songs make you sad


Political songs are romantic


listen to a winter classic


I quilted just for us in A


Flat, it goes down like that




I don’t need you when you’re catty


I don’t need you when you’re bratty


I’ll brace myself when you’re chatty


About loving me all night, come and


Love me all night, all days of your life




I aim to please I aim to enlighten


To end misery and sound inviting


For dizzy downers and busy doubters


Who find their autonomy is drowned


Out by the laments of sad clowns


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