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Without The Complication

by Tone Deaf Poet(AKA John Tzikas) on album Loosely Speaking
released 2018-11-07 23:49:00

2018-11-07 16:05:12.939303



Without The Complication




You had a sudden burning


For objectivity and laying


Down Stronger roots


Talked into the wind


Until sorrowful words


Blew out of the mouth of


Your brute






Deep inside you ignore


The life affirming questions


You never tried to do without


The complication, without the complication




You get stuck in your ugly little head a while


Remorseful tears turn to scornful smiles


Missed a rare opportunity to rescue


Whimpering lovers wilting with time




Your miserable tone


Must hurt your throat


Blows up my telephone


Sending  mixed messages


You love the concept of loneliness


But have no survival skills


To make it alone




You swore last night you felt the pain


Of a misunderstood man sighing


Again, in unrivalled aggravation


I can do without the complication




You got a  cold shoulder


And didn’t shiver


Bolder and bolder


You became but didn’t deliver


On pledges you made the


To let  his bleeding heart quiver


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