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Wouldn't It Be Cool

by John Tzikas on album Gentle Nights
released 2018-12-01 14:32:00

2018-12-01 06:40:04.012576

revised from original I wrote 3 years ago



Wouldn’t It Be Cool




I’m not here to pick a fight


Come on, turn out the light


I won’t question wrong and right


If you just stay the night




No one plans to play the fool


I only want to chill with you


Wouldn’t it be cool


Wouldn’t it be cool




Many times in this life


I couldn’t take so much strife


We should break all the rules


Wouldn’t it be cool, wouldn’t it be cool




Men are beasts, obnoxious tools


I’m sorry it’s happened to you


Wouldn’t it be cool


If no woman felt this used




The narrative of this pointless movie


Would be, how do you say


Far out, totally groovy


Wouldn’t It Be cool


If I had some to explain it to


Wouldn’t it be cool, wouldn’t it be cool




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