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Sell Directly to Your Fans

When you sell your music here, the money goes directly to you through your PayPal account. Music We Make doesn't take a cut of the sale either. Market and sell individual songs or entire albums.

Sell on Amazon and Apple stores

Just add your Amazon and Apple store links and we will show buy buttons for your songs linking to those stores. We don't take any fees for that.

Donations and Tip Jars

Accept support from your fans on your song pages and profile pages by showing a Donate button. Again any tips go directly to you, the musician, the artist. Music We Make doesn't take any percentage.

No ads for you or your fans

Ads are a necessary annoyance for us to offer a free service; Once you're pro, never be annoyed again. Your fans will love it too.

Artist profile

We're constantly working to improve the marketing of your very own Artist Profile page.

Search Engine Optimized

When it comes to marketing via search engines, we're some of the best. All of your pages are hyper optimized for both usability and search engines. All of your music will be indexed very quickly and available in all top search engines.

Competition and Recognition

Get recognition when you win a top spot on one of the Indie Hot 40 world wide music charts. You'll compete and gain wider exposure and recognition.

Unlimited songs / uploads / submits

There's really no cap on uploading your master works.

Music player embeds in social media

If you paste a link to your listen song in Twitter or Facebook, it will fetch the song details, and you can even listen to songs directly from Twitter using the embed.

Optional download links

A direct download link will appear for listeners to download your music. If you set a price for the song, then a Buy Now button will appear in place of a download link. After purchasing, your fans will be directed to download the song.

Stand out with a PRO badge

This badge will be shown anywhere on the site where your song appears and on your profile page and under your username.

Retain more Indie Top 40 chart points

Each week the music chart resets and everyone's -points- go down. Pro members retain 50% of their points from the previous week which gives you a huge head start every week.

Auto-enrolled in new features

We're constantly working to make Music We Make better; for you. As a Pro member you'll be the first to get new features as they come available.

Data Privacy Notice-Music We Make ( uses cookies to track site activity through Google Analytics and shows advertisements through Google Adsense. Music We Make also collects membership information that you provide to the site such as your username, email address, song/music data, favorites, likes, votes, comments, purchase information, etc... (USAGE DATA) that is kep privately at Music We Make for the sole purpose of providing our online services as a platform to promote your music and is not sold to any third parties for any reason. As a Music We Make member, you may delete your data at any time either by deleting individual songs or comments, or by deleting your entire account.