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Why You'll Love MusicWeMake As a Musician or Fan

Painless Submission Form

Our submission form has just one field, your promo URL, and one button. Click the button, choose your song and submit it. It really is that easy. If your music is properly tagged with ID3 tags for artist, title, genre, album, date, APIC:cover, and USLT for lyrics then you're all set! We will pull this information automatically!

Build Your Fanbase

Seamless interactions between your favoriate music and your favorite fans.

Your Music. Your Business

As a Pro Member, you'll have all of the features you need to fully run your music business.

Exposure, Recognition, and Feedback

Get some exposure and recognition by getting listed on the Indie Hot 40 Music Chart. Once you've got your placement, you'll never lose it, and best of all the chart resets weekly, so you don't need to play catch up with anyone else.

Find The Music That You Love

Find really good music that isn't being crammed down your throat by the big music industry snobs. Choose the music you love and promote it by giving it a thumbs up or your vote for the week. Your votes count directly toward the music chart placements with a greater weight than anything else, so just a few votes can move the needle for a song placing it in the top 3 for the week.

Data Privacy Notice-Music We Make ( uses cookies to track site activity through Google Analytics and shows advertisements through Google Adsense. Music We Make also collects membership information that you provide to the site such as your username, email address, song/music data, favorites, likes, votes, comments, purchase information, etc... (USAGE DATA) that is kep privately at Music We Make for the sole purpose of providing our online services as a platform to promote your music and is not sold to any third parties for any reason. As a Music We Make member, you may delete your data at any time either by deleting individual songs or comments, or by deleting your entire account.