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Why You're Gonna Love Music We Make

Music We Make is guaranteed to make you sing and take your marketing to the next level. You just can't help but to love it. Now enabling multiple ways to get paid and The Honeypot (grow your listeners into fans for life).


Take Your Fans With You PRO-ONLY - we collect email addresses and share with you, 1000x more powerful than "followers" because it actually helps you build a fan base you own to build your music business.

Entice your fans to earn royalties - your song's listen page is a substantial marketing engine for you allowing you to entice your listeners with a 30 second clip and then push them to listen on Spotify or Tidal where you earn royalties

The Most Professional Face For Your Music PRO-ONLY - Coupled with a beautiful, unparalleled user experience, pro members and their fans will never see any ads.

Keep 100% of sales of your songs PRO-ONLY - we connect directly with your PayPal account and if someone buys your song (rarely happens), but if it happens you keep 100% of the payment and you get your fan's information in your paypal account so you can market them later.

Google Analytics tracking PRO-ONLY - Add your GA ID and your song pages will report analytics to your account.

Listed in Google Search Within Hours - Your song page will show up in Google search within ~24 hours, Google loves our site and crawls it constantly.

Turn on Tips PRO-ONLY - Accept the love and financial support of your fans directly to your valid PayPal account. Keep 100%.

Artist profile - Tell your fans even more and list up to 11 links to your other sites and profiles.

Optional download links PRO-ONLY - Allow fans to download your full song. If you set a price for the song, then a Buy Now button will appear.

Members Only privacy PRO-ONLY - You can set your song to playable by members only and off search engines.

List your Amazon and Apple store links - Direct fans to your store listings to buy your music.

Unlimited songs - There's no cap on the number of songs you can submit.

Pro Badge PRO-ONLY - Stand out from the crowd with a PRO badge


If you're not completely satisfied, just delete your account and it will be like you never logged in. You always own your data on Music We Make, when you delete it, it is really gone. If you're a pro member and are unsatisfied, we'll refund your current year's fee.
It's that simple, no questions asked.

Data Privacy Notice-Music We Make ( uses cookies to track site activity through Google Analytics and shows advertisements through Google Adsense. Music We Make also collects membership information that you provide to the site such as your username, email address, song/music data, favorites, likes, votes, comments, purchase information, etc... (USAGE DATA) that is kep privately at Music We Make for the sole purpose of providing our online services as a platform to promote your music and is not sold to any third parties for any reason. As a Music We Make member, you may delete your data at any time either by deleting individual songs or comments, or by deleting your entire account.