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It is pretty damn easy to make pretty good music these days, which means the big sites like YouTube, and Facebook are inundated with just that, pretty good music. Let's say that you make exceptionally good music, great; well done. Nobody hears it. How do you stand out? How do you begin to build an audience? The answer: Upload your music for free in places that will give you even the smallest amount of exposure, recognition, and feedback. Did you get any of that when you uploaded your last song to YouTube?

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Upload your music and expose it to the MusicWeMake community through listings on the homepage, mentions in our blog and email newsletter, and rotation in playlists shown on each listen page.


When you submit your song, you have an opportunity to make it onto the Indie Hot 40 Music Chart published every week. Once you make it onto the chart you have that placement forever!


If you're wondering where you are in your musical career, then fan feedback is critical for you and submitting your song will open up an opportunity for very affordable, nearly instant fan feedback shared privately with you through your MusicWeMake account.

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Our submission form has just one field, your promo URL, and one button. Click the button, choose your song and submit it. It really is that easy. If your music is properly tagged with ID3 tags for artist, title, genre, album, date, APIC:cover, and USLT for lyrics then you're all set! We will pull this information automatically!

How The Submission Process Works

Every Artist Gets An Account

First you'll be requested to register your username and email address with us. This creates an account where you can manage your songs from and also makes it possible for us to communicate with you and notify you when things happen on MusicWeMake.

Upload Your Song Online

After creating an account you'll upload your song, and then fill out all relevant details. Once uploaded your song will be generally available online and will have unique share and embed urls. We don't have a blanket approval process, so as long as your submission is complete it will become live on the site.

Share Your Song's Listen URL

Every submission gets a unique listen URL. Share this out to your fan base to get listens and jump onto the Indie Hot 40 Music Chart. At the same time, we will start sharing your submission on our social channels, partners and you will begin to be rotated on different pages on

What is a Complete Song Submission?

Please provide all information about the song including the correct Title, Lyrics, Release Date, Artist, and Cover Art. The number one thing that's missing from submissions is the cover art. This will prevent us from promoting your song altogether.

Submission Details

Is My Submission Automatically Accepted?

All songs submitted with complete information will be made available on, however, not all songs will make it onto the Indie Hot 40 Music Chart, or into our other promotions such as prominent placements on, our social channels, our partner channels, or email lists.

What Can I Submit?

Anything you have the rights to distribute. This is most likely your original work, but you may also be submitting on behalf of a band or musician and that is fine as well.

How many tracks can I submit?

Please feel free to submit as many songs as you would like. Your songs will be grouped on your profile page which you can manage into a playlist for more exposure.

I Submitted Before But My Song Wasn't Listed, Can I Submit Again?

Yes definitely. Not all songs submitted are eligible for the Indie Hot 40 Music Charts or our own marketing and distribution. You are welcome to submit new songs, or even revisions of existing songs.

Do I Keep The Rights to My Submission?

Yes, definitely. You grant MusicWeMake non-exclusive rights to distribute, publish and promote the song you submitted. As the copyright owner, you keep full rights to distribute/sell.

What does "Non-Exclusive Rights" Mean?

You can always sell and distribute your song outside of MusicWeMake. You retain ownership. This isn't a record deal, you own the masters. However, once your song is submitted you grant MusicWeMake the right to publish and distribute the song and recording without restriction. MusicWeMake is not taking any rights away from you or restricting your current or future use or sale of your music.

What Rights Do I Grant MusicWeMake by Submitting My Song?

You grant MusicWeMake non-exclusive and non-terminating (forever) rights to publish and distribute your song and recording in digital format on, our social channels, our partner channels and other distribution channels that we may develop in the future.

Why Non-Terminating Rights?

MusicWeMake produces various compilations of songs such as the Indie Hot 40 music chart which lives forever as part of our value ad for you and your fans. We need to guarntee that these assets are preserved over time and don't deteriorate. We ask you for non-terminating distribution rights to ensure that everyone understands that your song will live online at as long as we are around. It cannot be pulled down at a later date.

My Song Is Listed On Like SoundCloud and BandCamp; Can I Still Submit To MusicWeMake?

Yes, we may in the future look for exclusive opportunities on MusicWeMake, but we currently don't offer anything exclusive. We do prefer new music, something from the current year is best.

How Good Does the Recording Quality Need to Be?

Just do your best. Generally speaking recording quality is going up across all musicians, so competition is tough. The recording should have balanced vocals and try not to abuse compressors/limiters to make your song louder. Most common problems are with quiet or soft vocals, background noise, clicks or distortions.

I Need to Cancel / Remove My Song From MusicWeMake

To remove a song please email [email protected] from your same account email address.

I Have A New Version Of A Submission, How Do I Update It?

Please submit the new version and then shoot us an email to [email protected] and we will update the version across the site.

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