How to Upload and Submit a New Song

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Submitting Your Song is Fast and Easy

Really fast, because I know you want to get right to it, here are the steps that one would go to in order to upload and submit a new song to the MusicWeMake community. After you complete these steps, your song will be available to enter the Top 40 chart each week.


If you haven't done so yet, you need an account, so the first thing you will do is navigate to and make a new account. If you already have an account then make sure you're logged in.

Submit Your Song Free - Information Page

Remember, it is always free to submit your song on MusicWeMake. All you have to do is navigate to the submit page: -- This page has a lot of useful information about how MusicWeMake works. If you haven't gone there before then it is highly recommended to spend a few minutes and read this page. Once you've uploaded a few songs you can skip this page go straight to the next step.

Submit Your Song Free - Upload

You will want to bookmark this page so that you can get to it quickly. Navigate to: -- On this page you will upload your song, so click the "Choose Song and Upload" button to do just that. Clicking that button will open a system dialog and allow you to select the song that you want to upload and submit.

IMPORTANT - on this page you can add your primary social channel or website. Please add this information, it will help us market your song!

IMPORTANT - read the text on this page. Only click the submit button one time and then wait, uploading a song takes A REALLY LONG TIME. Wait for it to finish and magic happens.

The Song File is Processed and Submitted

Once your upload finishes, we automatically process the file and extract as much information as we can to help you get your song live quickly. If you've taken the time to embed all the proper ID3 tags then your cover art along with all relevant song data will be parsed automatically. Don't worry though if you haven't then you will get a chance to update all information on the next step.

Edit Your Song Details

Once upload and submit is complete you will receive an email with all of the details. If any of the details are missing then this is your chance to fill it in. Be sure to add cover art, lyrics and any other data missing. All of this information is marketing for your song and is critical to people taking the time to listen and vote for your song.

Final Steps

You can always find all of your uploaded songs on your Music Dashboard. Just click the hamburger menu and the very first link you see is your dashboard. Or you can bookmark it here: . If you ever need to edit or delete your song data altogether, you can find it on this page. This page is also where you will see a link to view feedback on your song if you've chosen to purchase surveys.

Wrap up - Submitting Your Song is Free and Easy.

We don't charge for submitting your song. We do offer some advanced features for when you're off to the races and you want even more exposure and more promo. Visit for more information on our pro membership which will make your songs stand out even more!

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