How to Setup Your Music Store and Sell Your Music

Setup your fee-free music store and sell your music directly to your fans.

You're Open For Business

Music We Make offers pro members the ability to sell their music directly from their song and album pages on Music We Make. You can set your price and sell your music. The money flows directly to your PayPal account, Music We Make does not take a fee at all from each sale.

1. Upload Your Songs

Simply Upload Your Song. And as part of the song upload process, you will fill out all details including the album name, title, description, lyrics and if you're already a pro member you'll see a price section.

2. Set the price

If you're not yet a pro member, go sign up for pro, and then edit your song details to set the price. Also, be sure to check the box to allow downloads.

3. Setup Your PayPal Email Address

Visit your profile edit page and set your PayPal email address. Save your changes.

4. The Buy Now Button Will Automatically Show

Music We Make will automatically show a buy now button on your song pages when all of the required pieces of information are in place.

Here is a sample of what your listen page looks like with the store buttons enabled.

Here is a sample Album listing page showing the buy now buttons once your store is properly setup.


You'll also see the ability to enable a donation link and setup your albums for sale in the same way. To set your albums, just visit your albums page and set the price. As long as all the songs are in the album, you're GTG.

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